During the second edition of the radio program “Remembering the friend”, dedicated to talk about the legacy of Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez Frías; the Ambassador of Venezuela in Cuba, Adán Chávez, special and permanent guest of the journalist Roberto Bastida, conductor of this segment of the informative magazine Cuba Online, of Radio Habana Cuba, reflected on the Venezuelan and Latin American unity in the face of the aggressions of the US empire and its allies.

Chávez Frías said that “despite the great attacks that we continue to suffer from the empire and its allies, the vast majority of the people continue to respond to Chávez’s call, under the leadership of Nicolás Maduro as president of the Republic and the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, complying with unity, conscience and the conformation of the great Patriotic Pole, of all the revolutionary forces, from that great vanguard that continues to defend the legacy of Chávez”.

As for the systematic aggressions by the United States government against the Bolivarian nation, the head of the diplomatic mission highlighted the support of friendly governments such as Russia, which has adopted “a courageous position, very forceful and attached to what the international principles are and that we all have to respect: the self-determination of the peoples, may the law prevails and the international conventions that guide organizations such as the United Nations and that the institutionality is respected so peace remains in the world”.

Referring to the recent US blockade of Venezuela, the Venezuelan diplomat called the action as a violation of Human Rights, which in his opinion “is a practice of empires of all time. Those are the actions that are executed when you are not right, when you want to bend a people and make them give up their sovereign decision to be free and independent. They don’t know that one of the greatest strengths of the Bolivarian Revolution in the face of the attacks is something that Chávez said very well: today we have Homeland, which means having pride and recognition in history”.

“Remembering the friend” is a space for interviews, exchanges between participants aiming to bring, through the international waves of Radio Habana Cuba, the validity of the thought, action and ethics of the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, who were considered by the commander in chief, Fidel Castro, as “Cuba’s best friend”.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela