comunistaThe Young League of the Communist Party of Kenyastrongly condemns the executive order of the US president, Donald Trump, which extends to total economic blockade the sanctions imposed against Venezuela with the aim of forcing an unconstitutional change and violation of International Law.

The Young League of the Communist Party of Kenya, in this regard, wishes to express its unrestricted support for the Venezuelan People and their only, legally and legitimately constituted Government that exists in Venezuela and its president, President Nicolas Maduro.

Therefore, we reject the claim of the United States Government to deepen the escalation of aggression against Venezuela, similar to those used by Washington against Cuba, Iran, Syria and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and that caused great damage to their populations.

We call on all social movements in Africa and the World to raise our voices to prevent the same thing that happened in Venezuela from Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and others that resulted in the destruction of their populations.

Nairobi, August 2019

Source: MPPRE / RedGlobe