The surrendered policy of the Colombian government, guided by Iván Duque, was criticized on Wednesday by the Venezuelan Head of State, Nicolás Maduro, during the commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Battle of Boyacá.

From the National Pantheon, in the city of Caracas, he outlined that while the pro-imperialist, oligarchic, surrendered government of Colombia celebrates Boyacá by receiving the commander of the Southern Command, Craig Faller, and rendering him honors as head of State, I know that in the depths of the the people of Colombia, they admire the Bolivarian Revolution and the tribute we pay here to Bolivar, who gave freedom and independence to New Granada”.

He did not hesitate to point out that Venezuelans are brothers and sisters in Father Bolivar, “we, Venezuelans and Colombians are brothers in the desire for freedom. Yes! Sister Colombia”.

He even took the opportunity to share an updated and certified statistical data in which it is reflected that “the figure of 6 million Colombians living in Venezuela is already being reached”.

“I can already say today, day of Boyacá, that we are reaching almost six million Colombians living in our lands”, confirmed the Venezuelan head of state.

He stressed that today it is up to “our beloved Venezuela to go again at the forefront of the liberation and independence of a continent, today it is our beloved Venezuela’s turn to raise the tricolor flag and say: nobody surrenders here before the US empire, it is time again for the Boyacá, the Carabobo of the 21st century”.

He called those present to feel proud, before the attack of which Venezuela is being a victim. “Let us be proud of that, it is our turn to face an empire that intends to colonize us with the Monroe doctrine, that of America for the Americans, that is, us, the South Americans for them, our wealth for them, that’s the Monroe doctrine, they see us over their shoulders, Mr. Donald Trump sees us over his shoulder, Mr. Bolton sees us over his shoulder”.

“What a moment we are living, what a great and beautiful moment, to show the world where the ideas of justice and humanity are and how the same people who raised bayonets and rifles 200 years ago, today raise their dignified flag, glorious and invincible dignity, independence and absolute sovereignty. That is our flag and that flag will never be lowered”, President Maduro said.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela