This Thursday, in statements to the press, the spokeswoman of the Chancellery of the Russian Federation, María Zajárova, called on the United States government and the countries of the European Union, to put aside the interference in the internal affairs and negotiation between the Venezuelan government and the opposition, which are carried out in Barbados.

Likewise, Zajárova said that this type of interference in the negotiation processes “does not accelerate it, they only sow distrust between the parties and apply a significant brake effect. This kind of behavior of the United States government can lead dialogue to the failure and the sharpening of Venezuela’s internal situation with consequences that are difficult to predict”.

In this regard, the Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia detailed the interventionist attitude on the part of the United States government, such as those of last July 19 when “the US Secretary of State declared that the only objective of the negotiations is ‘the exit of Maduro’, that is, a type of negotiation that is not seeking for an agreement, but to promote the objective of a third party, more specifically, of another State”.

The spokeswoman also gave another example of real pressure and blackmail by the United States, in the case of July 24 when “the US Ministry of Finance added to the list of sanctions other 10 Venezuelan citizens as well as companies from 13 different countries in the world such as China, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Panama, USA and Turkey”.

On the other hand, the Russian Diplomat highlighted the interventionist, manipulative and threatening behavior of the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, Politics and Security, Josep Borrell, who spoke on July 16 in favor about “invigorating sanctions against Venezuela in case of absence of specific results in the negotiations”.

“It is clear that this is total hypocrisy, they are double standards that violate all the rules and norms of international relations”, Zajárova said.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela