PAME expresses its solidarity with the General Secretary of the French Federation of Commerce (Fédération CGT Commerce et Services), colleague Amar Laga, and with the French workers who are being persecuted for fighting for their right to work and life.

Colleague Laga was brought to justice by the French police for the European mobilization organized by the CGT Commerce Federation with the workers of CONFORAMA stores on July 11 against shop closures and layoffs. The employer, who used bodyguards and refused to meet with the workers, filed a complaint against the unionist who did his class duty.

It is no coincidence that at the recent meeting between Macron-Mitsotakis, the governments of France and Greece talked about «stability» and «development», that is, securing the profits of the big business groups. It is one more time proven that securing the profits of multinationals demands the intensification of authoritarianism and repression against the workers and the people.

PAME condemns the escalating persecution of trade union action in France and across the EU. We denounce the persecutions of French unionists for carrying out their class duty.

Against the authoritarianism and repression, the workers, we have the weapon of the organized collective action and class solidarity.

CGT Commerce calls on a mobilization against the persecution of the unionist on Monday, September 2, at the Police Department of Noisiel.

PAME denouncing Amar Laga’s persecution will deliver a protest resolution at the French Embassy in Athens, on Friday, August 30, at 11:00 am.


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)