Time and time again since our independence in 1981, we have been consistently electing one of two political parties and yielding the same results. High poverty rate, high unemployment rate, high cost of living, inefficient governance, and the most obvious is the super-bond which we, the people and our children, are paying for the multiple corrupted contracts and poor decisions of those political parties.  The super-bond’s value is over one billion dollars! Where can we find the one billion dollars’ worth of national development?  Can we find it in our roads paved properly to ease the transportation of the people and resources for the benefit of our country? NO! Can we find it in the construction of the new educational facilities or improved national infrastructure? NO!  Can we find it in the formation of national health care coverage for the people and the new equipment and facilities in our national hospital system? NO!

Those major political parties have time and time again violated and tarnished our trust and confidence in the past 31 years. We did not abandon PUP or UDP. They abandoned us the citizens of Belize.

For those who want to make a difference.  For those who want to give Belize value for her money and for those who want to plan long term for the sustainable growth of our nation and especially for people who are tired of yielding the same results by voting for UDP and PUP, the Belize People Front is a positive and great choice.

We the people of The Belize People’s Front, commit to work with independent leaders for progressive post-partisan reform. We will hold true to our convictions, and commitment to synergistic deliberation, diversity of opinions and perspectives.

The Belize People’s Front is a movement that demonstrates an unwavering commitment to positive actions, innovative and practical with a long term vision, whilst upholding Biblical values and principles.

With the above mentioned commitment to serve the people of Belize, the Belize People’s Front intents to present candidates with virtues and positive characters to contest the upcoming municipal and national elections. Our goal is to return the mandate of governance to the rightful owners, the people of Belize.

The Belize People’s Front presents you some of our immediate goals in an effort to rescue our country and people.

  1. Implement an immediate pay cut for elected area representatives.
  2. Return Permanent Secretary to head of departments (removal of political appointees)
  3. BPF candidates will sign a legally binding document that will enable legal proceedings’ if found in improprieties or questionable acts
  4. Enact a land policy to ensure the sustainability and availability of arable lands for Belizeans
  5. Enable Belizeans in the Diaspora to be able to vote and run for office
  6. Ensure that we have an elected Senate, including the 13th Senator
  7. Enforce the constitutional laws to incarcerate any public official who imbibe in corrupt acts and breaks the trust of the people (we will not condone any acts of illegality)
  8. Provide true free education to primary level with a subsidized secondary education
  9. Streamline government spending and assure value for money in all public expenditures
  10. Improve the justice system to fast track trials, and provide an enabling environment for justice to prevail for all as equal citizens
  11. Revise and make proportionate representation a reality
  12. Promote assertive diplomacy regarding our territorial integrity

Evil prevails when good people do nothing. We encourage the people of good will to offer your God given talent to be one of our candidates.  Let’s serve our beloved country by joining our movement and taking our country back for our people.


Belize People’s Front