The events of the 45th Festival of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) and its newspaper – “Odigitis” are continuing all over Greece.

The 45th Festival KNE-Odigitis is taking place in all the cities of the country, with a rich artistic, cultural and political program.n 13/9 at the KNE Festival site in Thessaloniki, the GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, spoke where he referred to the dead-end of the capitalist mode of production, the sharpening of the intra-imperialist rivalries, the involvement of Greece in them, such as with the aggressive moves of the Turkish bourgeois class, adding: “The imperialist system is becoming more and more reactionary and dangerous and its supporters, the government and the bourgeois parties in Greece are have been irreparably exposed. They defend a barbaric system that has stained its hands and is staining its hands with the blood of the peoples, in order to get richer, for the monopolies to amass fortunes and become increasingly more aggressive.

Our people, like the other neighboring peoples, must believe in and show their strength, to fight for a better life, for the decisive eradication of the causes of war, poverty and refugeeism.

A new socialist society is the solution, this is the beacon for the struggle of the peoples, to build mutually beneficial relations, for peace and the satisfaction of people’s needs.”

The GS of the CC of the KKE especially denounced the American-NATO designs in the wider region, underlining that “the ND government is methodically promoting the renewal and strengthening of the extremely dangerous “U.S.-Greece Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement”. It is readying this new crime within the second phase of the so-called “Strategic Dialogue” with the Americans that was begun by SYRIZA.” D. Koutsoumpas called for the organization of a militant, mass movement all over the country that will clash with these criminal plans, so that the people’s will prevails:

  • NO to military bases and nuclear weapons
  • to denounce the “U.S – Greece Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement
  • to close the Souda Base and all the other American-NATO military bases.
  • Disengagement of Greece from imperialist designs, no participation of Greek armed forces in imperialist missions abroad, disengagement from NATO and the EU.

The GS of the CC of the KKE noted among others that “We are facing a series of developments in which the economy and foreign policy are determined by the common strategic choices between the two major parties of capital, the EU, NATO and their government rotation.

The decade that passed with the three memorandums, the violent reduction in popular income, insurance, health, etc., demonstrated the limits of the capitalist system and its major problems.

With the SYRIZA government only that system got a small break, but the problems remain and are becoming more complicated while the prospects for growth are not as rosy as the ND is trying to present. Given the general international developments, the difficulties that will exist will intensify.

In any case a socialist economy – society will arise as a necessity with greater intensity.

No matter how much the Sirens of reaction and opportunism sing the end of History, the end of the working class and its movement, life itself refutes them.

The working class will rise to its historical role, to its historical mission: to the definitive abolition of exploitation of man by man and the building of a socialist-communist society.


Communist Youth of Greece