Six Communist and workers’ parties have issued a joint statement in Paris warning against the continuing threat of a new war in the Middle East. Meeting at the Fete de l’Humanite, representatives of parties from Iran, France, Lebanon, Cyprus, Iraq and Britain expressed their concern at the rising tension between the governments of the US and Iran. They also condemned the ‘economic warfare’ being waged against the people of Iran as the result of US and European Union sanctions and pledged solidarity with forces in that country struggling for democratic and human rights.

‘The sanctions are ruining the Iranian economy with high inflation, factory closures, mass unemployment and scarcity of medical supplies, devastating the lives of working people’, accused Tudeh Party of Iran international secretary Navid Shomali.

Iraqi CP central committee member Salam Ali insisted that solidarity with the people of Iran against US and EU aggression must also include solidarity with that country’s people against the anti-democratic, anti-people policies of the clerical regime in Tehran.

Vera Polycarpou of the Party of Progressive Working People of Cyprus (AKEL) exposed a new military build-up of Western military forces in the Eastern Mediterranean region, including British F-35 fighter aircraft that are carrying out bombing missions in Syria and Iraq from the British military base in Akrotiri.

Communist Party of Britain general secretary Robert Griffiths welcomed President Trump’s dismissal of his special advisor John Bolton but warned that a military strike against Iran by US or Israeli forces could still happen ‘at any moment’. ‘Bolton is an inveterate war-monger’, Mr Griffiths declared, ‘but his sacking does not mean that the strategy of domination of the greater Middle East region by the US and its Israeli and Saudi Arabian allies has changed’. He also condemned Britain’s ‘hijacking’ of an Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar recently, carried out on the pretext of enforcing EU sanctions but really at the behest of the US, which he said had stoked up the pressure for war. The CP of Britain representative led speakers in paying tribute to the ‘courageous resistance’ of the women and trade unionists of Iran to their own government’s repressive and reactionary policies.

The French Communist Party’s international secretary Lydia Samarbakhsh outlined the pre-conditions needed for peace with justice in the region, notably reinstatement of the Iranian nuclear energy deal abandoned by President Trump, a viable Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem, a halt to the Saudi devastation of Yemen and an end to the Turkish occupation of northern Cyprus and to President Erdogan’s repression of his country’s Kurdish population.

The six parties in Paris together with a speaker from the Communist Party of India urged peace movements across the world to protest against the resurgent threat of US military action against Iran.


Communist Party of Britain