Britain’s Communists have welcomed the renewed commitment of trade unions at last week’s TUC conference to campaign for the ‘New Deal for Workers’, building up to a national ‘day of action’ next May Day. ‘It is in the interests of all workers that the unions and the TUC conduct a coordinated, militant campaign to recruit millions of non-union and mainly young employees’, Communist Party trade union organiser Andy Bain reported to the party’s executive committee. ‘The other vital aspect of the “New Deal” is that it demands extended trade union and workplace rights to improve wages, terms and conditions for all’, he pointed out.

However, the CP leadership expressed its disappointment with the TUC statement issued in relation to the European Union and Brexit, portraying the EU as the guarantor of workers’ and trade union rights. ‘This insults all those workers, past and present, whose struggles have won more than 95 per cent of our rights and reforms in Britain as in other European countries’, Mr Bain declared. ‘It also conveniently forgets all the past criticisms made by the TUC and unions of EU neoliberal strategies and the many anti-worker rulings of the EU Court of Justice’.

The CP executive reaffirmed the party’s support for the election of a left-led Labour government on a progressive manifesto at the earliest opportunity. But it warned that a pro-Remain stance could cost Labour dear at the next General Election, diverting attention from Labour’s left policies on economic investment, public ownership, housing, education, trade union and workers’ rights and much else. ‘Many of these policies would be blocked, diluted or undermined by EU Single Market and customs union rules if Brexit is sabotaged and there is no exit from the EU’, Andy Bain added.

Following its meeting, the CP executive issued a detailed statement on its Brexit and General Election policy.

The Communist Party also welcomed recent protests around the world for action against global warming. In particular, the executive praised the enthusiasm and commitment of school students and other young people who are exposing the connection between climate change and capitalism. Britain’s Communists urged campaigners to highlight the military contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and pointed out that ‘green’ policies have the potential to create many more jobs than they would de-commission.

The CP called for big turnouts for the People’s Assembly demonstration at the Tory Party conference in Manchester on Sunday, September 29, and the Stand Up to Racism international conference in London on October 19.


Communist Party of Britain