The Tourism giant «Thomas Cook», which manages, among others, hotels in Rhodes and Crete, has gone bankrupt, leaving tens of thousands of workers without a job worldwide.

This is a development that proves once again that working rights are crashed by the competitiveness of monopolies in every industry, from which neither tourists who overpay their holidays and leisure can escape.

The “growth for all” promoted by the ND government only applies to large local and foreign business companies, which either grow, either merge or go bankrupt, leaving their profits untouched. They put the burden of the losses is on the back of the workers and their families.

We call the workers of the “Thomas Cook” Group in Rhodes and Crete to contact their unions, so that nobody is alone against the plans of the big employers.

Trade unions and workers of this industry in the countries where this group is active must give a coordinated, militant response to ensure the jobs, the wages and the workers’ rights.

We must debate openly about the right of workers to holiday and leisure that are being exploited by the monopoly groups, making tourism an expensive commodity.



All Workers Militant Front (PAME)