The opposition party Esperanza por el Cambio (Hope for Change), headed by former presidential candidate Javier Bertucci, joined the agreement signed in recent days between the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela and representatives of the opposition, with which the National Dialogue Table for Peace was installed.

The method of this mechanism is based on partial, open and transparent agreements to which all the representative sectors of Venezuelan society and the political forces that wish may be added.

In a statement to the press after signing the agreement, the former presidential candidate stressed that this initiative is aimed at resolving the current political conflict in Venezuela and seeks solutions to the social and economic situation of the oil country, which is subject to unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States.

“We are in a very delicate situation … we cannot in any way pretend to sink the ship to change a captain; as Venezuelans, we need to understand that sitting down to find solutions to the crisis in our country is urgent”, said the opposition leader along with the Executive Vice-president of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez; and Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza.

The former presidential candidate emphasized that this table of conversations has as its main purpose the generation of solutions that allow verifying not only the will of the National Executive to articulate actions to “quickly” benefit the population, but also the inclusion of different sectors of the country, including businessmen, producers and syndicates in the dialogue.

On the other hand, he dismissed the interventionist pronouncement of the United States government regarding the rapprochement between the Venezuelan government and opposition factors that have deviated from the confrontational agenda and rhetoric.

“Our priority is with the 30 million Venezuelans, if in the end they recognize us and we achieve solutions for our people, good, I don’t care if they recognize me or not from abroad”, he said.

Vice-president Delcy Rodríguez, meanwhile, valued the adherence of the Esperanza por el Cambio party to the dialogue table, which seeks the understanding, peaceful coexistence and tranquility of the people of Venezuela.

The senior official reported that there are partial advances in the agreement and will be announced to the country and the international community in the coming hours.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela