The Workers’ Party has called on members and supporters to join Climate Strike events tomorrow (Friday Sept. 20th) to protest inaction on the ongoing climate crisis.

“These youth and student-led demonstrations are crucial in voicing our discontent with current government policy on the environment.” said Workers’ Party Youth Secretary Eoghan Gardiner.

He continued: “As capitalism continues to destroy the planet, we need to ensure that the government does its utmost to stop this capitalist-caused climate change in its tracks. As it stands, they’re happy to allow it to continue because it is in the immediate interests of private profiteers, despite the harm it causes to society at large.”

“The Workers’ Party will be attending the Climate Strike event in Dublin City Centre, gathering outside Liberty Hall at 11.45am tomorrow morning. We urge all who are concerned about the future of our planet, not only students or youth but all working class people, to join us and have their voice counted.” he stated.


Worker’s Party