The foreign ministers of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Russian Federation, Jorge Arreaza and Sergey Lavrov, signed an agreement this Friday in New York whereby the consultation plan is established between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the two countries in the Over the years 2019-2022.

The document stipulates the consultation mechanisms on bilateral relations issues, as well as regional and international problems that represent mutual interest.

In the multilateral sphere, the role of the United Nations in strengthening international peace and security, the inadmissibility of revision of existing legal international standards, the consolidation of the principle of non-interference legislation in internal affairs of States has been raised, including the non-recognition of coups as a method of government change and the rejection of the extraterritorial application of national legislation.

The agreement also contemplates cooperation between the two countries in the fight against contemporary challenges and threats, including the fight against international terrorism and the financing of this scourge; against extremism, the propagation of its ideology, as well as against illicit drug trafficking and transnational organized crime.

The signing of the document took place during a bilateral meeting between the delegations of Russia and Venezuela attending the General Assembly of the United Nations, led by Foreign Minister Lavrov and Venezuelan Executive Vice-president Delcy Rodríguez.

A new cooperation scheme

The strategic cooperation alliance between Caracas and Moscow in various areas, mainly energy and military, was deepened with the recent State visit of President Nicolás Maduro to the Eurasian nation.

On his three-day trip to Russia, the Venezuelan president held an important meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, in which a new bi-national cooperation scheme that will focus on economic development was agreed.

“We have agreed on a new map of cooperation that emphasizes economic development, technology transfer, industrial development and the arrival of new investments in the country necessary for this phase that we are living”, said President Nicolás Maduro on Thursday after his arrival in Venezuela.

The dignitary highlighted the support ratified by the Russian president for his government and for the development of Venezuela; and also highlighted Russia’s strong support in all areas of military-technical cooperation.

“We have received, once again, the firm support of Russia and its president, in all fields of military-technical cooperation, so that Venezuela continues to strengthen its weapons system for the defense of sovereignty and national peace”, he said in statements to the media from the Maiquetía International Airport “Simón Bolívar”.

The leaders of the South American and Eurasian nations took stock of the entire cooperation agenda in the political, economic, diplomatic, international and regional spheres, among other topics of mutual interest.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela