On the occasion of the WFTU foundation anniversary, on October 3rd 1945, the World Federation of Trade Unions is celebrating today the WFTU International Action Day under the slogan: Struggle against Xenophobia, Racism and Fascism.

Xenophobia and racism are intentionally raised among the peoples by governments and lobbies, so as to divide them, to make them accuse one another of the problems that are caused by capitalists and multinationals.

In Africa, in the Middle East and many other places, the looting of the workers’ natural resources, poverty, imperialist wars and conflicts create millions of refugees who fall victims of hatred and racist discriminations.

In Europe and on other continents, the economic crisis facilitates the rise of fascist ideologies and actions that poison the mind and consciousness of people, making them to fight for the interests of big businesses, leading them even to crimes.

Efforts are being made by the EU to equalize fascism with Socialism, to hide the great conquests that workers had achieved in the USSR and to distort the historical reality.

Since its Foundation, the WFTU has placed at the forefront of its demands the struggle for peace and equality, fighting against Apartheid in South Africa, against racial and all types of discriminations. For the rights of all workers, women, migrants and refugees.

We firmly continue in the same militant and class-oriented  direction and call upon all militant trade unionists all over the world to struggle for the isolation and elimination of xenophobia, racism and fascism, for the peaceful co-existence and prosperity of all workers.

Workers have nothing to divide us!


World Federation of Trade Unions