Britain’s Communists have condemned the Turkish invasion of north-east Syria as a ‘blatant and barbaric violation of Syria’s national sovereignty’. Carol Stavris told the Communist Party of Britain’s political committee that such a flagrant breach of international and humanitarian law cannot go unchallenged.

‘In giving the green light to President Erdogan to bomb and invade this oil-rich region of Syria, US President Trump has double-crossed his Kurdish allies there and undermined the peace and stability process set in train by the multinational Syrian Constitutional Commission’, she declared. ‘Trump’s prime intention is to draw Erdogan’s authoritarian regime back fully into the NATO fold after its recent rapprochement with Russia, but the tragic consequences will be felt by the peoples of all the ethnic groups of the region, as well as the Kurdish minority’.

The CP political committee dismissed as ‘utterly false and cynical’ the Turkish pretext for this latest invasion of Syrian territory as an ‘anti-terrorist’ exercise intended to bring peace and stability to the region. Ms Stavris called upon the British government to demand UN sanctions against the Erdogan regime and the immediate withdrawal of all Turkish forces from Syria. ‘Instead of opening another bloody chapter in Western imperialism’s history of violence and subversion in the Middle East, Britain and other Western powers should respect the sovereignty of the Syrian people and their government’, she insisted.

The Communist Party reiterated its support for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU on October 31 so that the Labour Party can concentrate on fighting a General Election on the left and progressive policies agreed at its recent conference.

The CP political committee also welcomed the substantial enrolment for its own schools for new and prospective members in Newcastle, London and Manchester on October 12 and the party’s anti-racism and anti-fascism day school in London on October 26.


Communist Party of Britain