Poble LliureThe three demands of the Catalan democratic revolt:

1. Peace. We want the occupation forces to go. We demand the removal from Catalonia of the Spanish police forces and the resignation of the Interior Minister of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Police brutality is over. Investigate the violence of the police against the citizens of Catalonia in depth, and clean responsibilities.

2. Amnesty. It’s enough of prision and exile. We demand the amnesty of all political prisoners judged at the Spanish Supreme Court and the immediate release of all political prisoners, the end of all causes against independence and the free return of all exiles.

3. Self-determination. We demand a referendum on self-determination to validate the creation of the independent republic of Catalonia. This referendum must be organized by the Government of Catalonia with the agreement of the Spanish government and supervised by international authorities. We believe that the European Union has lost all legitimacy to oversee the situation in Catalonia, but we understand that there are states, European or not, and international institutions that can make validate the result, which if favorable, should lead to immediate proclamation of the Republic.

Popular mobilization and non-violent and mass civil resistance are the tools of the Catalan people to defeat the tyranny and authoritarianism of the Spanish monarchical regime.

Take the streets! To the general strike! To win freedom!

Solidarity with the democratic struggle of the Catalan people!

Source: Poble Lliure / RedGlobe