This week will see the renewal of protests against police neglect of crime in the Arab community. At 5pm today, Tuesday, a protest will take place opposite police headquarters in Nazareth, one of a number of planned demonstrations that have been approved by the High Arab Monitoring Committee. Last week, several thousands of persons demonstrated in protests held throughout the country.

The Monitoring Committee’s legal team also intends filing an official complaint against the state of Israel with the United Nations Human Rights Council and other international organizations, including the OECD.

The committee’s chair and leading Communist activist, Mohammed Barakeh, said they hope to “show the severity of the situation and the lax response by law enforcement authorities,” so that international organizations will pressure the government to act upon the demands of the Arab community.

Joint List lawmaker Yousef Jabareen (Hadash), who heads the Monitoring Committee’s international relations team, said the complaint that will be filed will include data showing disproportionately higher crime rates in Arab communities and lower rates of solved cases, as well as information on the preponderance of illegal weapons in Arab towns and cities and the lack of government response to this key issue.


Communist Party of Israel