On Tuesday, the Vice-minister for International Communication of the People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations, William Castillo, dismantled the fake news prepared and presented by the Lenin Moreno’s government to the OAS accusing Venezuela of infiltrating agents in recent popular protests against the neo-liberal package of the International Monetary Fund in Ecuador.

Through his Twitter account @planwac, the Vice-minister referred precisely to the statements of the Ecuadorian Foreign Minister, José Valencia, who said that 41 Venezuelans had been arrested in violent acts in the last 12 days.

“The Foreign Minister of Moreno said that 41 Venezuelans had been detained, leaving the accusation that they were agents of President Nicolás Maduro, but the Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office has not published a single name of the accused nor informed Venezuela of any fact related to these lies”, he said.

In this regard, he questioned that nobody talked at the OAS about the false flag operation organized in previous days by President Lenin Moreno when he arrested 15 Venezuelan workers from a transport company in the city of Quito. “He showed them humiliatingly on social networks, as if they were criminals and ended up releasing them when no crime was proven”.

The Vice-minister stressed that of the 15 trials of these Venezuelans no charges were filed in 13 of them and denounced that their work vehicles were retained and have not yet been returned.

“What Moreno and his cronies in the OAS are silent about is the moral and personal damage that has been done to Venezuelan migrants by falsely accusing them and exposing them to new acts of xenophobia and aggression such as those that Moreno himself promoted earlier this year. Lenin, stop lying”.

For 12 consecutive days, popular and indigenous movements, social organizations, labor unions, students and Ecuadorian citizens resisted and demonstrated in different provinces of this country in rejection to decree 883 issued by President Lenin Moreno, which included the elimination of subsidies to fossil fuels, the release of diesel and gasoline prices, as well as violation of the rights of public workers.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela