wfdy 148During the last days we have been observing the massive demonstrations that occurred in #Lebanon while the government of the country chose to respond with violence and repression.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth salutes the masses of demonstrators, their steadfastness and courage which led to an escalation in the popular confrontation. A confrontation which reflects the will the people of Lebanon and its movements to reject the all the actions against the interest of the people, to reject all the policies who ask from the #youth and #students of Lebanon, to pay the price of this system’s corruption, antipopular policies and dependency.

The political authority confirms its keenness to push things into more tension through its political rhetoric, It has also used excessive force by the army and security forces against the protesters, suppressing and arresting them. At the same time, the Lebanese political authority refrained from defending the demonstrators from the threats and attacks of the ruling parties.

#WFDY rejects all the measures taken by the political authority, condemns repression, and calls for the release of all detainees, while stressing for the need of a peaceful movement. We express our #solidarity with the struggling people of Lebanon and especially our comrades from #ULDY who have been injured and imprisoned during the protests.

Source: WFDY via Facebook / RedGlobe