Workers’ Party President Michael Donnelly has condemned the apparent arson attack which took place targetting Sinn Féin TD Martin Kenny. 

Speaking following the attacks, Donnelly said: 

“What took place at Deputy Kenny’s home appeared to be a pre-meditated and targetted attempt to silence anti-racist activists in the community. It is a sinister signal that dangerous, far right individuals and groups have begun to take hold in our communities. “

Donnelly continued: 

“The Workers’ Party offers its full solidarity to Deputy Kenny, and to Sinn Féin activists who stand with others in opposing efforts to blame Ireland’s social problems on vulnerable groups, including asylum seekers.” 

Donnelly concluded: 

“The weekend’s attack serves as a timely reminder that fascism and racism are alive and well in this country. These are extremist, fringe opinions, but they prey on the exclusion and inequality which has been created in Ireland by repeated governments of austerity and privatisation. 

“The Workers’ Party will continue to fight against this, to defeat the far right and to build a decent Ireland.”  


Worker’s Party