The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) strongly rejects the consummation of the coup d’état in Bolivia against President Evo Morales, his government, the democratic constitutionality and the Bolivian people.

As the CPPC has previously pointed out, this is yet another step towards the execution of the destabilization agenda commanded from Washington against the peoples and countries that in Latin America and the Caribbean have been leading processes of affirmation of sovereignty, social progress and cooperation

A destabilizing US campaign now aimed, by means of a putschist operation and in collusion with the Bolivian anti-democratic forces, to reverse the important advances made in recent years by the Bolivian people under the presidency of Evo Morales and his government, such as economic growth serving the people, cutting down poverty and social inequalities, ensuring social rights such as healthcare and education, and the rights of the indigenous peoples, nationalizing energy resources, strengthening the role of public companies or a relationship of peace and cooperation among the peoples of this subcontinent.

Yesterday’s coup d’état had been in preparation for weeks, and was carried out on the very day of the October 20 general election, which re-elected Evo Morales as president of Bolivia’s Plurinational State, first by contesting the results and demanding new elections; then forcing Evo Morales to resign; and later, trying to prevent his participation in new elections – despite the various initiatives of Evo Morales, legitimate president, to find a political solution, within the framework of Bolivia’s democratic constitutionality, including the calling of new elections.

The putschist process involving the military and police hierarchies, heads of large companies and armed groups of a fascist nature, was marked by violence against political and social forces, leaders and activists and family members of ministers and other officials, with the collusion of police forces and Bolivian military.

Reaffirming, at this moment, its solidarity with the Bolivian people and the Bolivian democratic and peace-loving forces, the CPPC will denounce in Portugal the coup that dictated Evo Morales’ removal and will urge the Portuguese authorities to stand in defence of the restoration of democratic legality in that country.

11 November 2019

National Board of the CPPC



World Peace Council