The CPPC repudiates and strongly condemns Turkey’s new aggression against Syria under the pretext of creating a so-called “security buffer zone” and “fighting ISIS”.

This is a new aggression with US complicity which, it should be stressed, continues to occupy Syrian territories illegally and militarily and NATO complacency, in the words of the Secretary General of this political-military bloc.

This new aggression, taking place in the North-Eastern part of Syria, is part of a long process of interference, destabilization and aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic, which has been going on for eight years. A process of aggression for which Turkey, as well as the US, the NATO powers, Israel and the Gulf countries are responsible, notably for its enormous death toll, suffering and destruction, including millions of refugees and displaced people.

It is worth remembering that Turkey – which is a member of NATO – as well as the US and its allies have funded, armed, trained and continue to protect tens of thousands of armed mercenaries, aimed at triggering a brutal and so-called “regime change” in the Syrian Arab Republic. A so-called “regime change” which they failed to achieve and are now change into an attempt to impose the partition of Syria with a direct military intervention.

The CPPC demands the withdrawal of the forces of aggression, namely from Turkey, the US and Israel (which has occupied the Golan Heights since 1967) and which are illegally in Syria.

The CPPC expresses its solidarity with Syria and its people, as well as with the peace and anti-imperialist forces in Turkey, including the Syrian National Peace Council and the Turkish Peace Committee.

The CPPC considers that peace in Syria can only be achieved by defending and safeguarding Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, while respecting the principles of the UN Charter and International Law, in particular the right of the Syrian people to decide sovereignly and freely their future.

The war of aggression against Syria and its people has to end!

The National Board of the CPPC

October 11 2019


World Peace Council