‘Labour is beginning to gain ground in the General Election as its economic and social policies chime with the needs and aspirations of the mass of the people’, the Communist Party declared on Wednesday evening (November 13).

But CP London district secretary Steve Johnson warned that Britain’s ruling class and its supposedly ‘liberal’ intelligentsia will pull out all the stops to prevent Jeremy Corbyn entering Ten Downing Street.

‘The forces of reaction understand that Labour’s left-wing leadership and its policies represent a threat to the wealth, power and privilege of the super-rich elite and their system’, he told the CP political committee. People have had enough of austerity, insecurity and privatisation and want substantial new investment in public services, productive industry and decently paid jobs.

‘Only a left-led Labour government will be genuinely committed to a bold alternative to Tory policies which serve the interests of the rich and big business’, he pointed out.
This should include the repeal of anti-union laws that have enabled the High Court to outlaw industrial action in the Royal Mail, despite the almost unanimous ballots by postal and communications workers for a strike.

A Labour victory was possible, Mr Johnson argued, but this would only come about if the labour movement steps up its grass-roots campaigning in workplaces and local communities. He urged a Labour vote in every constituency, including Derby North despite the ‘outrageous’ suspension of ‘excellent’ sitting MP Chris Williamson whose intervention as an independent socialist could allow the Tories to take the highly marginal seat.

‘Labour’s domestic policies are vote-winners, but the party’s anti-Brexit fanatics are alienating working-class support in many Labour-held seats’, the London CP leader added, ‘and they are making it almost impossible to win over the many pro-Brexit Tory marginals that are needed to secure a Labour victory’.

Mr Johnson pointed out that it was not too late for Labour to exclude an anti-democratic, divisive and rigged second EU referendum from its General Election manifesto due to be finalised this coming weekend.

As for the LibDem, Green Party and Plaid Cymru anti-Brexit alliance, this was also an ‘anti-socialist, anti-Labour pact which could condemn millions of low-paid, unemployed, disabled and poor people to yet more years of cuts, discrimination and despair’.

The CP political committee condemned the coup mounted by violent, racist elements and the police and security forces against President Evo Morales in Bolivia, noting that it resembles US- and EU-backed strategies to overthrow elected anti-imperialist governments in Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Britain’s Communists also called for a big turn-out on Tuesday, December 3, for the ‘No to Trump – No to NATO‘ march from London’s Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace where NATO and EU leaders will be wined and dined by the Queen of England at public expense.


Communist Party of Britain