Thousands of students demonstrated massively and with militancy in many cities of Greece on November 4th, under the central slogan “A school that educates us and does not exhaust us”! They demanded a contemporary school that corresponds in today’s needs and that, according to students themselves,  is not a school-examination center, for which the parents will have to pay extracurricular courses and the students will get nervous about getting a place in University.

Many schools in Attiki are full of cracks after the last earthquake and others are situated in landfills. Many schools face an important lack of teachers and infrastructures, while the examination system is unfair and exhausting, because it forces more and more students from a very young age to very expensive extracurricular courses in order to cope with the whole situation. Students’ mobilizations target the continuous degradation of free public school and the class barriers that are set in the rights of the children of the working class and the popular strata.

The Coordination Committee of the School Students of Athens invited all the students, the 5-member and 15-member school student councils to coordinate by regions, to organize  antifascist actions in their schools the day of the trial of the Nazi-members of Golden Dawn, who murdered Pavlos Fyssas, and prepare the celebration of the “Polytechnic Uprising of 1973” at schools.

Coordination Committee of the school students of Athens

The Coordination Committee of the school students of Athens underlines:

“Now, we will not stop. We continue our struggle for the school that we need. A school that offers an all-round knowledge to all children without discriminations, a school that doesn’t care about how much money we have and doesn’t set obstacles to our education. After meetings of the 5-member and 15-member school student councils in our schools, discussions and coordinated organization of our struggle, we managed to have large mobilizations and school occupations in over 40 cities of our country. We took to the streets and gave a fighting answer to the announcements of the New Democracy government, that wants to make our school even worse, after SYRIZA and the Gavroglou law last year. Today our voice was heard: Good riddance to old and new laws that made our school like that”.

The students add to their announcement:

“The coordinated and mass struggle counts! Because, we are the ones who delayed the bill that had been pre-decided last year and instead of September, when they had planned to pass the bill, they finally passed it in April. We are the ones who abolished the “bank of subjects”, who restored the repetitive exams, who stopped the degradation of Music Schools and achieved the 10% university entrance percentage from Technical Schools to Universities.

And all these through our struggles, our militant presence in the streets, at schools, within the framework of the decisions of the Coordination Committee of the School Students of Athens, which consists of decades of students elected in 5-member and 15-member councils and which expresses the fair demands of all students”.


Communist Youth of Greece