100 student unions from around the country and thousands of students, who during the recent time period gave a battle in the general assemblies of their student unions against those forces that in fact defend the government policy, made one more mass and dynamic mobilisation on Thursday, the 31st of October. They denounced that way the policy of the government of New Democracy that follows the steps of SYRIZA regarding the anti-educational policy.

 The most important of their demands are extraordinary state funds to be provided to satisfy the imperative needs of the institutions, the annual funding for education in the new state budget to be increased, an immediate solution to be found on the issue of the students’ accommodation and all the transfers of students to institutions of other cities to be accepted. At the same time they declare: “Not even a thought for deleting students from institutions”, “The ND government should not dare to bring the bill it is preparing”, “The laws on the University asylum and the Colleges-Universities equation should remain only on paper”.

After the rally students from 73 student unions proceeded to a meeting, to see how they are going to escalate their struggle. At first in the discussion the demanding framework, that unifies all the student unions, was developed. The complicated web of the restructuring measures and laws that the governments brought one after the other, worsening the conditions of studies continuously, subtracting knowledge from the degree and undermining the work future by compressing the rights towards the bottom to serve the needs of the companies got untangled.

It was stressed that the students will stop the new wave of restructuring measures that the government has announced and they discussed the continuation of their common fighting agenda. Representatives of student unions from the whole country took the floor and spoke about how the restructuring measures and laws get implemented, about the effects in the content and the conditions of their studies, but also about the steps that have been made in organising the struggle since the beginning of the academic year through mass assemblies and multiform mobisations.


Communist Youth of Greece