The president of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, condemned the position taken by some international sectors regarding the coup d’etat consummated this Sunday against the legitimate president of Bolivia, Evo Morales.

“There are sectors of international diplomacy that make lukewarm pronouncements and do not realize that in Bolivia a fascist coup such as (Augusto) Pinochet is imposed”, he said from the Ezequiel Zamora hall of the White Palace.

He argued that it is the Indian resistance of the South American nation the foundation that has not allowed the increase in violence and therefore prevented a period like that lived in Chile in 1973.

“They have not reached the Pinochet stage because the people at this time is in the streets fighting and resisting. These are the nefarious heirs of the 100 year old Bolivian fascism who returned with all their violence, and the gringos are capturing soldiers who put themselves at the service of the ‘antipatria’ plan and are promoting fascist politicians like (Luis Fernando) Camacho”, he said in a working meeting with governors and mayors.

Peace guarantee in Venezuela

During the meeting, the head of state called on those present to coordinate “political, social, institutional and partisan actions so that with our people, in active mobilization, we guarantee the peace and tranquility of Venezuela”, since “we know what we face”, he instructed.

He also reiterated the call to union in order to avoid scenarios such as that of the Andean country. “Let us see ourselves in the mirror of the coup d’etat of Bolivia, the persecution of their families. Let us see ourselves in that mirror, which we have already passed by and do not let the process of victory and advancement of the Revolution be reversed”, said Maduro.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela