Once again Cuba, along the international community, left the United States (USA) isolated in the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization (UN), after obtaining 187 votes in favor of the draft resolution to end the blockade imposed for the American nation against the Caribbean island for 60 years.

Among the countries, only three nations voted against: the US, Israel and Brazil, while Colombia and Ukraine abstained.

During the Assembly there were 40 representatives of States of the world that expressed their support for the island, including the People’s Power Minister for Foreign Relations of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, who stressed that this American coercive measure constitutes a crime against humanity for its negative impacts on the Cuban population.

The representative of Bolivia, Sacha Llorenti, described as “illegal and immoral” the blockade against Cuba, which has left losses for more than 900,000 million dollars.

“The blockade against Cuba is illegal, unfair, immoral and violates the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations and the economic and social rights of the Cuban people”, Llorenti said.

These words of support were also joined by the Vice-minister of Foreign Relations of Russia, Alexander Pankin, noting that this aggression towards the Cuban people prevents the socio-economic development of the island.

“By tightening the sanction, the economic, financial and energy blockade on the island, Washington hinders the inalienable rights of Cuban citizens to live with dignity and to choose their own socio-economic development model”, Pankin emphasized.

Support grows

Since 1992, Cuba has demonstrated against the blockade before the UN, at that time it received 59 votes in favor. But over the years, more nations were added and in 2018 received 189 votes, according to Telesur.

In spite of this, the Government of the North American country has ignored the request made by the international community and has maintained the blockade of the largest island of the Antilles.

“Once again the indisputable isolation of Washington was demonstrated, its brutal pressures reflect the moral bankruptcy and the rot of its current government”, said the Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on the social network Twitter.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela