The World Federation of Trade Unions, strongly condemns the new murder of at least 11 workers in a new fatal labour accident in Bangladesh.  The new “accident” took place at a plastic factory in Hijoltola of Keraniganj on the outskirts of the capital.  One worker died in during the fire and 10 others died at Dhaka Medical College Hospital due to their multiple burns.  There are at least 23 more injured workers.

According to one of the injured workers, the fire broke out at a room where eight cylinders of inflammable gas were kept and he mentioned that  there was a leak in the lines.

The new fatal accident raised ever more the endless bloody list of the workers who “were sacrificed” by the bourgeoisie in Bangladesh in order to increase their profit levels. As long the workers will be forced to work in factories, plant and facilities without any protection measure the working class will mourn more and more new “Rana Plaza”

The International Class oriented trade union movement and the WFTU intensify their struggles  for:

– Health and safety measures in the workplace that will protect the short and long term health of the workers.
– Adequate and sufficient leaves for health issues.
– Strengthen international outcry against employers’ unaccountability and strengthen international solidarity.
– Investigation and punishment of the responsible ones for the labour accidents and full reparation of workers or their families.

The WFTU Secretariat

Athens, 12th December,  2019


World Federation of Trade Unions