We are fighting for a World

Without Poverty, Wars, Refugees

Workers around the world are witnessing the spread of wars and imperialist interventions in more and more regions.

The peoples of the Balkans and the Mediterranean pay the consequences of the changing of borders, division of states and the constant cultivation of nationalist hatred, the aggressiveness of USA – NATO – EU within the capitalist competitions, the interests of the bourgeoisie. The peoples of Europe witness the governments of each country spending huge amounts on imperialist wars and interventions abroad while in their interior they are attacking workers’rights, imposing privatizations, intensifying repression and authoritarianism, they utilize xenophobia and racism.

Imperialist interventions and wars, the plundering of the wealth of entire countries by monopolies and imperialist organizations, have caused millions of refugees and migrants. Hundreds of thousands, in the struggle for survival, chased from their homelands and homes, are driven to Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain and other countries trying to find shelter, or reunite with their families

The cruel EU policy against refugees, Dublin regulations and the EU-Turkey Agreement have turned several countries into huge refugee and migrant prisons. In many places such as the Greek islands, refugees are imprisoned to modern “concentration camps”, without even basic hygiene, without even meeting basic sheltering needs. The problem is more serious for thousands of unaccompanied children.

Against this situation it is necessary for the trade unions, along with the struggle for raises in wages, social security, free healthcare and education, it is necessary to integrate the struggle against imperialist plans. Unions must strengthen their fight against imperialist organizations, NATO, the EU, to strengthen their fight against the anti-workers governments in every country, against the business groups.

There is nothing to divide with the working class of other countries, nothing to divide with other peoples. Instead, we are united in the common goal of fighting for a life without poverty, without bosses. This is the life that belongs to us. Our fight will be more effective as long as it links the defense of borders and sovereign rights, the struggle of a peaceful life with the struggle for the overthrow of the cruel exploitation system that is proven that it createspoverty, unemployment, wars and refugee.

We are fighting against unjust wars to eliminate the reasons that cause them. Solidarity is the weapon of the peoples.

Refugees need our solidarity. The unions need to stand by the refugees. No place for racism should be left. We must not get used to the images of barbarism, the trapped, the images of drowned people who do not manage to reach the land.We have a duty to fight against the cause of poverty, wars, refugees.

We are taking initiatives in every country to provide immediate, practical support to refugees in urgent need of help.

The unions that sign the above text call the workers of our countries, Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East to joint action and coordinate solidarity with Refugees and Migrants

We call for Actions and Initiatives in every country

18 December International Migrants Day

International Trade Union Solidarity Week for Refugees and Migrants

December 18-24

With trade union visits to places where refugees and migrants live, provision of material assistance, food, medicine etc to migrants, gifts to young children.

21 January 2020 Actions in Every Country

Trade Unions to launch a campaign for the awarenessof the workersin each country with the joint call of trade unions to result in initiatives in each country on 21 January 2020.

Using the slogan

We are fighting for a World
Without Poverty, Wars, Refugee


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)