Moscow noted with grave concern the exchange of strikes between the military-political group Hezbollah and the US military units deployed in Iraq.

According to reports, on December 27, the air base near Kirkuk used by the US military was hit with missiles, as a result of which a civilian specialist was killed and several servicemen were wounded.

On December 29, the United States conducted “precision defensive strikes” against five sites of Hezbollah in western Iraq and eastern Syria, killing 25 and wounding around 50 people. Baghdad has publicly denounced these strikes, which, according to Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi, violate the country’s sovereignty and threaten its security.

On our part, we consider such actions unacceptable and counterproductive. We call on all sides to refrain from further steps that could lead to a rapid destabilisation of the military and political situation in Iraq, Syria and neighbouring countries.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation