The Trade Union Association of Bohemia, Moravia & Silesia (OSČMS) strongly condemns the harassment of a part of regular workforce towards the employees to be hired by the recruitment agency for the Škoda join-stock Company in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic (to be “strategically” sold by the Czechoslovak State into the hands of Volkswagen A.G., Germany, in early 1990s). The rough practices by some of the permanent staff are absolutely unacceptable, as to put the agency employees into packing cases, giving them the enema, and doing other things out of spite against them to be bad for their health.

It is a duty of the employer to prevent the practices like that. The revealed practices of discrimination, both mental and physical humiliation against the agency employees show serious issues of xenophobia, intolerance and racism within our society as well as within various workplaces and beyond. All of that, it is a product of the capitalism as an socio-economical system, which, in its drive for profits, is willing to tolerate the shows like that, remaining implied.

It shows neither a seemingly “idyllic” environment is immune from those phenomena. Is the trade unions’ duty to condemn them strongly, to prevent them, and to defend the interests of every employee, the agency ones included, as just those are exposed highly to the capital’s pressure.

We express our deepest solidarity to everyone being affected, to be ready to help by every mean available. Our government must resolve the agency employee’s status, which causes the inequality within the labour market.


World Federation of Trade Unions