“The relationship between the Russian Federation and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is deep and historical, from people to people, and from government to government, it is an exemplary relationship between the two countries”, said the head of the Venezuelan State, Nicolás Maduro.

In the act of Imposition of the Francisco de Miranda Order, in its first class, and the delivery of the victorious saber of Carabobo to the ambassador of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Fedorovich Zaemskiy, from the Simón Bolívar hall of the Miraflores Palace, the National President stressed that the two nations have increased bilateral trade in all these years.

“This year we are going to make a new record of bilateral trade, we have increased oil, gas and petrochemical investments, investments in the great Venezuelan industry of Guayana, and in the industry in general, in agricultural activity (. ..) We have increased our financial relations for everything that is the world of international currencies and cryptocurrencies, we are increasing our ties in the cultural field”, he emphasized

Together with the entire diplomatic corps accredited in the country, President Nicolás Maduro expressed his feeling of admiration for Russia, “today we have delivered the Francisco de Miranda Order in its highest level as recognition, thanks and commitment to this great servant of Russia, ambassador for ten years, two months and twenty days”.

The President also considered it advisable to warn about the dispute in the world today. “Latin America knows, Latin America is in dispute, between maintaining its path of sovereignty, independence and democracy or returning to the twentieth century of dictatorships, de facto governments and delivery of our wealth, military interventions and dominance of US imperialism”.

For his part, the ambassador of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Fedorovich Zaemskiy, said that this award is considered as a high qualification of his work for 10 years in Venezuela.

“It was an interesting period of time, because it was full of multiple bilateral cooperation projects (…)”, he said from the Simón Bolívar Hall in the Government Palace.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela