PAME the Union of Energy Workers on Monday, December 16, occupied the central offices of DEI –Public Power Company- protesting the Government’s plan to further privatize the company.

These plans will lead to thousands of layoffs as well as raises in the cost of electricity for the people.

The Energy Workers’ Union and PAME demanded:

– No increase in tariffs. Cheap electricity for the people. No power outages for a workers, unemployed, self-employed, poor farmers.

– No further privatization of PPC SA. No power plant closures. Annulment of the legislative framework for the liberalization of strategic sectors of the economy (Energy, Telecommunications, Transport, Water Supply).

– No layoffs, hiring of permanent staff now at PPC.

– No unpaid contractor workers. Immediately abolish contractors and hire full-time direct employees in PPC


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All Workers Militant Front (PAME)