PAME, All- Workers Militant Front of Greece, welcomes the mobilizations and initiatives of the National Federation of Hospital Doctors of Greece(OENGE) and the unions of workers in Healthcare, for exclusively Public Free Healthcare for all the people.

The government, ministers of healthcare, and other organizations work as a battering ram against Free Healthcare-Welfare for the poor people. All of them, instead of treating the “people”, the “patients”, they only see “clients and euros”, a source of profit for the big businesses in healthcare.

On the other hand, the workers, the Regional Unions, the Federations and unions that rally with PAME, we feel honoured and proud to stand by the militant doctors and the other workers in public healthcare who are on the frontline of the defence of the health and life of our people. We welcome OENGE’s initiative calling on hospital doctors to do their duty, honouring the militant doctor’s role in defending the life and health of every human being, regardless of gender, religion, or race.

We welcome their struggle that tries to put an end to the policies that are degrading public hospitals and transforms healthcare, instead of a social good, into a commodity for the rich and the few. Every day, from morning to night, they struggle in the hospitals to treat the people, despite the intensification and despite the thousands of obstacles that, the government policies and their administrations put in place.

The doctor, the scientist, the human, is judged by how his science, his life and his action contribute to the progress and prosperity of mankind.



All Workers Militant Front (PAME)