The proposal made by the public prosecutor in the trial of the Golden Dawn is unacceptable. It contradicts directly the antifascist feelings of the vast majority of the Greek people and it brutally insults the dozens of its victims. In its essence, it is a complete acceptance of the Nazi’s line of defense, since it basically asks for the acquittal of the 65 Nazi defendants (18 MPs and 47 members of the party). It is a copy of part of the plea of the Nazi leader of this criminal, murderous organisation, in the beginning of November. And it is summarized more or less, in what he had stated back then regarding the murder of Fyssas. “It is the story of one man murdering another one”. The questions raised are many and big, since what the prosecutor proposes does not even “fit” with typical judicial arguments. What is their purpose, therefore? Who are those who intend to let the Nazi murderers off? Which mechanisms of the system work on this senario?

Of course, the proposal of the public prosecutor was not limited to the case of Fyssas. Her proposal on the murderous assault to the Egyptian fishermen and the assault to the trade – unionists of PAME, was in the same vein. She did not find any incentives or premeditation behind those assaults. Only accidental, isolated and inexplicable incidents. As a result, her conclusion was that there is no criminal organisation.

If the public prosecutor’s provocative proposal is adopted by the court, not only will the murderers be exonerated, but also they will be vindicated. And they will return in society “unblemished and undefiled”, to continue their criminal action.

If this proposal is adopted, it will be recognized that there is no criminal organisation, of a particular structure, something that is identified with its Nazi character. They will be able to continue acting undisturbed against the labour – popular movement, against immigrants. Just like the Nazi criminal organisations did and continue doing over time.

The court takes a serious responsibility. It must be taken into consideration that if the public prosecutor’s proposal is adopted, the next incident of assault to an immigrant, the next incident of stabbing, the next incident of trade – unionists’ bloody heads, will weigh on their consciousness.

Because if there is something that was highlighted in the Golden Dawn trial – and in fact with overwhelming evidence – it is its Nazi ideology, which is the incentive behind its criminal action. That this particular ideology arms the hand of the Golden Dawn supporters, in order to attack with hatred and murder immigrants, antifascists, vanguard trade unionists, communists.

Really, what did the public prosecutor not see? Didn’t she see the actions of the gangs – assault battalions? Didn’t she see the praise to Nazism and the racist lectures? Didn’t she see the military training, hierarchy and obedience? Didn’t she see the total subjection to the “führer”? Didn’t she see the numerous documents, the photographs, the videos, the text messages that reveal all of the above?

Without any doubt, the proposal reeks of cover-up, it reeks of whitewashing. We do not have any delusions or illusions: forces of the system, which breeds the Nazis, forces of capital and the bourgeois state need them, they want to make use of them in the present, as well as in the future. However, today the evidence is clear, it speaks for itself and no one can ignore it, unless intentionally or by turning a blind eye.

And the public prosecutor’s proposal in the Golden Dawn trial, indicates that there should not be any complacency. The KKE has stated, since the beginning, its concerns on the obstructions of the trial, it has denounced the stance of the bourgeois parties, the governments and the local administrations that supported the neo-Nazis, flattering them.

The KKE has declared exactly that, even after the July 2019 elections, when they did not manage to enter the parliament. Simply because, the system which the fascists serve, either lets them free, or holds them back, depending on its planning.

The Press Office of the CC of KKE, as well as the lawyers of the communist workers and trade unionists of PAME have commented on the public prosecutor’s proposal in the Golden Dawn trial.


Communist Youth of Greece