PAME, a member of the World Federation of Trade Unions, expresses its solidarity with the great general strike of workers of France on December 17.

Workers of France have been in continuous strikes and actions the last two weeks to prevent the destruction of their workers’, pension and insurance rights.

The governments  attacking on wages, pensions, the right to Social Security, in both Greece and France, shows that in every country workers have a common enemy business groups-EU-governments that want in every way to maximize the profits of the monopolies by abolishing everything left standing by workers’ rights.

The fight of the workers of France is also our fight. PAME, in continuation of solidarity initiatives and support for the struggle of the workers of France, will protest in front of the French Embassy in Athens on Monday, December 16 at 13:00, demanding the withdrawal of anti-workers’ reforms and the satisfaction of workers’ just demands.

All in the Strike!

Long live the struggle of the workers of France!

Long live Class Solidarity!


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)