PAME condemns to Greek workers ND’s policy of tightening ties with the murderer-state of Israel. The New Year comes, with the Mitsotakis’ Government inviting in Greece the butcher of the Palestinians, the Prime Minister of Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is coming on January 2 to sign the East Med pipeline.

For the profits of the big energy monopolies that have bloodshed the whole of the Middle East, the ND government continues its “friendship” policy with the state of Israel that is killing the Palestinian people daily, stealing Palestinian land with settlements, killing and imprisoning even small children.

The Greek people have nothing positive to gain from monopoly competitions. The “stability” of the Eastern Mediterranean, the government proclaims, are watered with the blood of Palestinian children.

PAME stands firmly on the side of the struggling Palestinian people to gain its own independent state at the border of ’67 with its capital Jerusalem.

We demand

Immediate implementation of the 2015 decision of the Greek Parliament to recognize the Palestinian state.

End Greece’s political, economic and military cooperation with Israel


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)