Cuba USA 

Say no to placing Cuba on terrorism list

Exactly 62 ago this Friday January 1, the Cuban Revolution triumphed. Socialist Cuba soon achieved major advances in the well-being of its own citizens, and also provided an outstanding example of solidarity to the world, playing a major role in the defeat of the fascist apartheid regime in South Africa and providing high quality health care solidarity to poor countries worldwide.

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WFTU solidarity statement with the fishery workers

The World Federation of Trade Unions, the militant voice of 105 million workers from 130 countries of the globe, support the fair struggle of thousand of fisheries workers from 22 provinces of Thailand who protested outside the agriculture ministry a few days ago. The protesters demand substantial support of the fishermen and fisherwomen who are seriously affected due to related regulations enacted since 2015 that destroying thousand legal and fishing people.

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Communist Movement South Africa 

SACP welcomes strengthening of measures to bring COVID-19 under control, calls for co-operation and unity to face off multiple capitalist system crises

SACP end-of-year statement, Tuesday 29 December 2020 The South African Communist Party takes this opportunity to wish every person and family in South Africa a safe festive season and a better new year. No social change happens on its own, however. Human beings make their own history, although they do not make it under self-selected circumstances but under circumstances existing already and shaped by other developments. To achieve a safe festive season and a better new year, we should all make history differently-by behaving differently.

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Communist Movement Pakistan 

Pakistan’s communists condemn the violation of human and citizen rights in the country

The International Department of the Communist Party of Pakistan (کمیونسٹ پارٹی آف پاکستان) has issued a statement concerning the violation of human and citizen rights in the country. The statement is as follows: The Communist Party of Pakistan strongly condemns the Pakistani establishment particularly the military establishment inhuman practices of suppression and violation of human and citizen rights.

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Britain Communist Movement 


Communist Party of Britain general secretary Robert Griffiths and international secretary John Foster have today released the following statement on the UK-EU Agreement on Trade and Cooperation: The UK-EU trade agreement is a compromise between the interests of British state-monopoly capitalism, on the one side, and those of German and French monopoly capital – represented by their states and the EU – on the other.

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