Today, January 9, 2020, the Secretary General of the WFTU, George Mavrikos, following the invitation of the UD CGT 13, participated in the big demonstration in Marseille as part of today’s general strike in France. This demonstration is the largest  one since the beginning of the mobilizations on December 5.

The Secretary General of the WFTU reiterated the internationalist solidarity of the large trade union family of the WFTU to the struggle of the working class in France against the pension reform project.

During his speech to the strikers, he stressed:

“We bring here the solidarity of 100 million workers, affiliates of the WFTU from 130 countries in all corners of the planet. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. ”

He also added that:

“We want you to win because your victory will also be a victory for the working class in Italy, Greece, Denmark, Spain, Portugal and Belgium. Because in all of these countries, the EU, the IMF and governments are hitting social security and pensions, creating private funds. ”

“If capitalists could pass a law of death upon retirement for the workers, the EU, the IMF and governments would be very happy.
Therefore, your victory will be a victory for everyone.

Macron’s policy is anachronistic and promotes social backlash. It generates profits only for monopolies and capitalists and technology only for transnationals.

Throughout its 75 years of history, the WFTU has always been in the same trench: Anti-imperialism – Anticapitalism – Class struggle. “

In addition, he added that:

“For us, no one should be alone:
-in the demonstration
-in the strike
-in the class conflict.

Workers of all countries unite!

Capitalists are not invincible!

The invincible ones are the workers who struggle united with class orientation !


World Federation of Trade Unions