On January 30th we will go on a General Strike in South Basque Country, which has been called by the Social Rights Movement of the Basque Country. In this movement we have more than 100 social and union organizations (pensioners, feminists, environmentalists, youth movements, platforms against social exclusion, Social and Solidary Economy Network …).

Through this strike we will give an answer to the call made by the pensioner movement. This movement has been mobilising weekly by strong and popular protests for two years in favour of getting worthy pensions, and this time they have expressed the need to “stop” and go further the pensioners’ setting, adding the collaboration of other collectives to this fair struggle. Defending our pension system, getting our own labour relationships and social safety system (this right is currently denied in The Basque Country by the Spanish state) and claiming a minimum wage of 1,080€ or guaranteeing by law a minimum purchasing power, is a struggle that affects us all, including present pensioners and also future pensioners too.

We claim the recognition of the social rights we are currently denied, including the right to get social housing rents, or the right to respond to all kind of situations of dependency through public, universal and free social services system. Also, if we are about to put life in the centre, we have to ensure that caring works are shown, dignified and provided.

The Social Rights Movement of the Basque Country has started a mobilization dynamic which will guarantee a decent life, working conditions and pensions, and this will be the milestone for the January 30th General Strike in favour of the rights of the Basque people.


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)