pda oesterreichOn 21 December 2019 the 4th Party Congress of the Party of Labour of Austria (Partei der Arbeit Österreichs, PdA) took place in Vienna under the motto “Strengthen the Party – Strengthen the Working Class!” At this event, a review of the activities and developments of the past period since the 3rd Party Congress was undertaken, and at the same time a first outlook on the next two years was given. For this purpose, the party congress heard the political report of the chairman, the secretary’s activity report, the report of the International Commission and the financial report of the treasurer.

A relevant change was pending in the election of the party’s new CentralCommittee (CC): Cde. Otto Bruckner, who had been chairman of the PdA since its founding conference in October 2013, was no longer available for this function, but continues to be a member of the CC. In his place, Cde. Tibor Zenker from Wolkersdorf (Lower Austria) was elected by a large majority as the new chairman of the Party of Labour. In addition, four of the previous members did not run for the CC, while at the same time four new comrades were admitted to the CC. The other party bodies – control board and arbitration court – were also newly appointed.

The new party chairman thanked Cde. Bruckner and the outgoing CC members for their work in the interest of the party and stated: “The task of the new CentralCommittee will be to eliminate the previous weaknesses and to continue and strengthen the positive developments. This is what it is all about and what I am concerned about: serious, achievable, but also highly necessary goals to strengthen the party and, by extension, the working class. And I am convinced that their consistent, disciplined, sincere and serious pursuit as a joint effort can ensure significant steps forward.” – Cde. Zenker concluded the election speech with the words: “Just before Christmas I can also tell you: We will not need a Messiah, because our historical subject is the working class itself. The salvation of humanity will take place in this world, in the classless society that leads over proletarian revolution and socialism. But for this to be possible, a strong Marxist-Leninist militant party is needed. And that is our mission and – if you look around in the Austrian left and workers’ movement otherwise – also our duty, which no one will or can take away from us.”

In addition, the party congress decided on some changes to the statutory basis of the organisation and party structures, which should ensure an optimised working method. In this regard, Cde. Zenker pointed out: “These are only prerequisites. Resolutions and conference discussions are one thing – but the existential reality and the positive, scheduled development of the PdA in the next two years also require the consistent implementation of our resolutions and plans: With the active participation of the members, the organizations and the structures, with diligence, dedication, steadfastness, discipline and confidence.”

The newly elected CC of the PdA will meet as soon as possible in 2020 to discuss the first organisational, political and substantive issues of the coming months and years. After seven hours of deliberations, discussions and decision-making, the 4th Party Congress of the PdA was closed with the song of the revolutionary workers’ movement, the “International”.

Source: PdA via Solidnet / RedGlobe