The Attorney general of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, reported Thursday that he sent a communication to his Brazilian counterpart, Augusto Aras, to inform about the start of proceedings to extradite five deserters of the Venezuelan Army, involved in the armed assault on the 513 infantry border battalion located in the Gran Sabana, Bolivar state, on December 22, and which were recently captured in that country.

This was reported in his account on the social network Twitter @TarekWiliamSaab, where he published the image of the official document dated this Thursday, January 2, which requires the delivery of the five 5 former members of the Armed Forces who participated in the attacks on two military commandos in the Gran Sabana municipality of Bolivar state in the early morning of December 22.

On December 22, this group of armed subjects participated in a brutal attack on the military headquarters in Bolívar state, where they stole 120 assault rifles and 9 rocket launchers, in a violent operation in which the First Sergeant of the Bolivarian National Guard, Jean Pierre Caraballo Marcano, lost his life.

Given this situation, Venezuela began on December 28 diplomatic procedures to extradite the five deserters of the Venezuelan Army, however, Brazil granted them refugee status.

Through a statement, Venezuela said that with this decision there is a pattern of protection and complicity of governments allied to the United States (US) in order to generate destabilization and disturb the peace of Venezuela.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela