redglobeDuring 2019, Israeli military forces committed 255 acts of violence against journalists and media institutions working in the occupied Palestinian territories (OPT). These figures appear in the annual report prepared by WAFA, the Palestine News and Information Agency, which the organization released on Sunday, January 5. The violations included the firing of live ammunition, rubber-coated bullets and teargas canisters against journalists, in addition to physical beatings and arrests.

The report details that 145 journalists were actually injured by live fire, rubber-coated bullets, tear gas inhalation or physical beating by Israeli forces during the year, while another 145 journalists were either arrested or targeted by Israeli gunfire but were not injured. In addition, Israeli forces conducted 27 assaults on media institutions during 2019 .

“These daily crimes and violations against journalists require an urgent and immediate intervention to pressure the Israeli government to stop its systematic and deliberate targeting of photographers and field journalists,” the report said. WAFA called upon international and regional human rights organizations and journalists to pressure the Israeli government to stop its violations against journalists in the occupied Palestinian territories.


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