Fourteen of the members of the Colombian paramilitary band Los Rastrojos were arrested and the operations center of said criminal organization were dismantled in the Boca de Grita sector, Táchira state, on the subject of the Bolivarian Shield 2020 military exercise, said the Venezuelan News Agency (AVN ).

“We made the main point of violence useless with the discovery of an armory, where weapons of this Colombian paramilitary group were maintained and reloaded, finding weapons, ammunition, mobiles and explosive material; in addition, 20 vehicles were seized”, said Táchira’s political protector, Freddy Bernal, on Monday through messages through his Twitter account.

In a trill, he points out: “We have taken three major blows to the structure of Los Rastrojos terrorist group in the Boca de Grita sector: the detention of 14 of its members, the dismantling of fuel tanks and the destruction of its logistics apparatus! We continue to conquer the Peace of the border!”.

He indicated that clandestine fuel tanks were dismantled, 22,200 liters of fuel were rendered useless and the logistical apparatus of the criminal gang in that sector was destroyed, where a hotel center guarded its members.

Bernal also reported that they dismantled an impromptu infirmary, which was used to provide first aid to Colombian paramilitaries.

“With accurate information from the intelligence services we destroy the logistic flow of the terrorist cell of Los Rastrojos on this axis of the border. We will not rest until evicting the border of paramilitary cells that serve as the armed arm of right-wing political actors to sow violence in Venezuela.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela