firOnce again, we must realize a neo-fascist mass crime. In Hanau (Hessen) on Wednesday evening, a 43-year-old man murdered at least nine people in two shisha bars in the city center. Further persons were injured. According to police, everything points to a xenophobic motive. The man had made his extreme right-wing sentiments clear a few days earlier in a confessional video on “You Tube”, where he had addressed himself in a “personal message to all Americans”. During the search of the perpetrator’s apartment, the police found – according to press reports – a letter of confession characterized by extremely right-wing views. Among other things, he claimed that certain foreigners had to be exterminated whose expulsion from Germany could no longer be accomplished.

This is the second act of violence with neo-fascist background in Germany within a few months after the attack in Halle/S. on a synagogue, which ended with the murder of a passer-by and a visitor to a kebab stand. Apparently, a political climate of hatred and the readiness for violence is intensifying, which is massively promoted by political forces not only in the media, but also on the streets by the marches of the neo-fascist PEGIDA or in the political campaigns of the “Alternative for Germany” (AfD).
We warn against talking now again about a “lone perpetrator”, because the perpetrator was possibly not a member or activist of a neo-fascist organization. This suppresses the fact that the neo-fascist organizations and networks prepare the ground for such forms of individual violence.

The International Federation of Resistance fighters (FIR) – Association of Anti-fascists is dismayed about this renewed blood act. It expresses its sympathy to the relatives and friends of the victims. It demands however at the same time from the responsible politicians and the actors of the civil society as well as all anti-fascist federations to set a clear signal also in this case that racist violence may not have a place in this society.

Once again the warning of Esther Bejarano, member of our honorary presidency, is confirmed, who, against the background of the increasing neo-fascist violence, countered the German Minister of Finance Scholz because of the attacks on the VVN-BdA: “The house is burning and you are locking out the fire brigade!”

The murder of Hanau shows that we need an anti-fascist political climate in this country, so that racists do not find a breeding ground for their ideas of violence. Only in this way, such mass crimes can be effectively prevented.