Hadash MK Youssef Jabareen has called for Arabs and democratic Jews in Israel to beat far-right Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by voting for the Joint List, Arabi21 has reported. Jabareen called on these citizens to punish Israel’s longest serving prime minister by preventing him from continuing his reign in power.

Speaking to Al-Arab TV, MK Jabareen said that the Arab-Palestinian community in Israel “has an opportunity to achieve a great victory” by enabling the Joint List to win as many as 16 seats in the 23rd Knesset. (The list currently has 13 MKs.)

Jabareen said that the Arabs should punish Netanyahu for “his discriminatory and racist policies against our people.” On next Monday, March 2, Israel is holding its third election in less than a year after coalition governments failed to form following the two previous polls.

Recent reports have indicated that many left-wing Jewish Israelis are planning to vote for the Joint List in the upcoming elections and are casting off Zionist center-left parties like Meretz and Labor. Haaretz has reported many Jewish voters saying they do not feel that leftist Zionist parties take a strong enough stance against the occupation.


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