Chairman of the Joint List, MK Ayman Odeh (Hadash), strongly condemned far-right Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu following the report in Haaretz on Wednesday, February 6, that it was Netanyahu who initially proposed transferring the Arab communities of the “Triangle Region” in northern Israel to “Palestinian” control, and his proposal became part of the Trump administration’s “Deal of the Century.”

“Netanyahu’s racist proposal proves that his hatred for Arabs far exceeds his love for champagne and cigars,” Odeh said with not a little sarcism. According to the Hadash lawmaker, “The dangerous attempt to cancel the citizenship of 400,000 Arab citizens, born in this homeland, sends a clear message to us all. ‘You are not welcome here and your turn will come in the next plan.’”

As indicated above, Haaretz reported that the original idea to transfer the cities and towns of Israel’s “Triangle Region” to “Palestinian” control, which became part of the text of the “Deal of the Century,” was proposed to the Americans by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu himself. Reportedly, Netanyahu raised the notion with Trump officials as early as 2017, during one of Jared Kushner’s first visits to Israel.

The Prime Minister’s Office has not denied the report in Haaretz.


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