PAME denounces and condemns the racist statements of the Minister for Labour, G. Vroutsis to a question he was made about the unacceptable discrimination in granting pensions to expatriate and immigrant workers who worked in Greece.

Copying arguments from the darkest handbooks of the Fascists of Golden Dawn, the “Minister of the Employers”, the butcher of the social security system, with a racist delirium in the Parliament on Thursday, February 13, reached the point to respond to the MP of the KKE (Communist Party of Greece) and member of the Executive Secretariat of PAME C. Katsotis, that:

“Mr Katsotis says, Greeks that you pay your taxes, also pay for any refugee and immigrant who has come to Greece. Hand out money… all the oppressed all over the world, come to Greece. And in this Greece, the Greek taxpayers, the Greek citizens, through their hard work and sweat, will give you a pension.”

The Minister of repeats the Golden Dawn’s racist poison according to which immigrants and expatriate workers who have been working for years in Greece, who pay taxes and contributions, according to the Minister and the fascist, racist Golden Dawn, are “stealing the money of the Greeks”.

At the same time, as a modern-day slave trader and despite ND’s pre-election declarations to abolish this unacceptable discrimination, the minister seeks to legitimize exploitation and discrimination against expatriate and immigrant workers as second-class workers.

The Minister for Labour of the Government who is crushing the social insurance rights of workers, Greek and Immigrant Workers, is trying to legalize the extreme exploitation of foreign workers. He is trying to legitimize the logic that for the same job, and with the same contributions and the same taxation, the workers to receive different salary, different pension. He cultivates racism and xenophobia to hide his government’s barbaric anti-workers policy.

PAME calls on trade unions and workers to condemn Vroutsi’s racist and dangerous statements. To give a militant response to the policy that impoverishes workers, Greeks and Immigrants.

18th February All on Strike!


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)