This Friday 137 doctors from the Republic of Cuba arrived at ramp 4 of the Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía, La Guaira state, to strengthen the Misión Barrio Adentro that will contribute to the prevention and containment of Covid-19 in Venezuela, as part of the

This group of doctors is part of the first contingent of 2,000 health professionals requested by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, that were approved by the Republic of Cuba, to support the efforts to prevent and contain the Coronavirus pandemic that affects Venezuela and humanity.

The People’s Power Minister for Health, Dr. Carlos Alvarado, along with the head of the Cuban Missions in Venezuela, Dr. Julio César García and the head of the Cuban Medical Mission, Dr. Reinol Moreiro, received the Cuban doctors.

The Minister of Health indicated that this group of Cuban collaborators come to join the Barrio Adentro and the National Public Health System, to strengthen care in the states of La Guaira, Miranda and the Capital District, the central area of ​​the country that concentrates the greater number of positive cases of Coronavirus.

“This weekend they will be deployed in prioritized areas, through the Comprehensive Community Health Areas (ASIC) and Popular Clinics in the screening and identification of suspicious cases that will take place this weekend, in addition to solidarity care of the patients that may appear in the next few days”, he pointed out.

The head of the Cuban Medical Mission, Dr. Reinol Moreiro highlighted the internationalist vocation of the Cuban and Bolivarian Revolution, along with the political will in favor of the humble, the strategic vision of the commanders Fidel Castro Ruz and Hugo Chávez Frías who consolidated on April 16, 2003, the creation of the Misión Barrio Adentro.

“This mission arises as a community social project, as part of the National Public Health System, responding to the accumulated social debt, through the development of prevention and health promotion programs, aimed at the care of individuals, families and communities, a strategy based on the principles of primary health care”, he added.

Finally, he reiterated that the honorable army in white coats joins the fight against the Coronavirus in Venezuela, in a humanitarian gesture by Cuba and its doctors, who in 17 years have spared no effort to contribute to raising the quality of the people’s health and well-being.

“We will work with high commitment in the assigned task, demonstrating professionalism and humanism, aware that the current moment demands our greatest and best contribution, a clear expression of solidarity and reaffirmation that in any circumstance we will be side by side with the Bolivarian Revolution”, he said.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela