Robert Griffiths, General Secretary, Communist Party of Britain

“Dear Comrades,

Greetings from the Executive Committee and members of the Communist Party of Britain, now happy to be outside the European Union. Our party has always opposed the monopoly capitalist European Union and its forerunners, all of which have their origins in the Cold War and the need to rebuild state-monopoly capitalism in Western Europe. In the 2016 referendum, we campaigned alongside the majority of the Marxist left in Britain to leave the European Union (which is not Europe – much though the EU Commission wants us to believe they are one and the same). Make no mistake, comrades, the result of that referendum – in favour of ‘Brexit’ – was a major defeat for the British ruling class.

But it has not yet been turned into a victory for the labour movement, because of the confusions and illusions on the left about the European Union, and the lack of confidence in the ability of the working class and its allies to put Britain on the road to socialism. The big question for us now is: ‘What kind of Brexit will it be?’. A big business Brexit, in the interests of the ruling class and its core of finance capitalists in the City of London? Or a ‘People’s Brexit’ in the interests of the working class and the peoples of Britain? I say ‘peoples’, in the plural, because Britain consists of three nations – England, Scotland and Wales – and the national county of Cornwall. I ddangos hwn, cymrodyr, gallwn i draddodi gweddill yr araith hon yn yr iaith Gymraeg. [To demonstrate this, comrades, I could deliver the remainder of this speech in the Welsh language]. The rise of the Scottish National Party has set back class politics in Scotland and the rest of Britain. Today, the Communist Party upholds the right of Scotland’s Parliament to hold a referendum on independence for Scotland. But in place of nationalism and separation, the Communists of Scotland, England and Wales propose a federal system, with full powers for Scotland, Wales and the regions of England to fight for control of capitalist market forces and shape their economy to meet the needs of the working class and the people generally. We stand for working-class unity against racism, sexism, British state-monopoly capitalism and British imperialism. Comrades, in this year of the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party in Britain, we stand for working-class state power, Marxism-Leninism, socialism and communism. Long live the Communist Party of Britain! Long live the German Communist Party! Long live the international communist movement!”


Communist Party of Britain